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We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs to build enduring companies that scale with our global platform.




The Power of the 
Goldman Sachs Network

We leverage the power of the Goldman Sachs network to source proprietary investment opportunities, to execute differentiated underwriting and to help our portfolio companies grow.

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1  The Growth Equity team has access to 97 investment professionals across the globe. There are 75 dedicated growth investors and 47 investors (40 in Asia, 6 in Latam and 1 in London) that split their time with Corporate Equity.

2  Includes investing team in Merchant Banking within the Asset Management Division across Corporate Equity, Growth Equity, Infrastructure, Private Credit and Real Estate.

3 Global Markets includes Sales, Trading, Execution Services, Sales Strats and Prime Brokerage.

4 Portfolio companies represent those held across Merchant Banking.

Experienced and Tenured Leadership

Our talented global team delivers consistent strong returns by harnessing the firm’s significant resources to build a diversified global portfolio of high-growth companies, with strong fundamentals and asymmetric risk-rewards.

A Global Platform at Scale in Each Region
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Multi-Decade Experience Across Sectors
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Distinctive Heritage Provides Access to Major Upside
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Well Established on the Ground Franchise

Distinctive Sector Strategy

We combine the sector focus and expertise of our investment team with our colleagues from across the firm to identify emerging category leaders.

Enterprise Technology

We seek to back leaders in the enterprise technology ecosystem that are early to important secular trends in software. We leverage Goldman’s 9,000+ engineers and our internal technology expertise to provide us with a unique vantage point into this market.


Key Themes

Cyber Monitoring

Shift to the Cloud


Digitizing Retail Enterprises

Enterprise Technology Verticals



AI/ML Platforms

Cloud & Infrastructure

Cybersecurity & Risk

Hardware & Networking

Application Software


Digital Services 

Financial Technology

Goldman Sachs is at the forefront of financial services innovation and we are well positioned to envision how technology innovation, demographic shifts, and regulatory reform will disrupt and transform financial services. We seek to partner with companies that are capitalizing on these trends.


Key Themes

Digitization of Financial Products

Transformation of the Financial Institution

Embedded Payments

Consumer Financial Services in Asia

Financial Technology Verticals

Banking Infrastructure and Software

Market Infrastructure & Trading Technology

Commercial Banking


Consumer Banking

Property & Real Estate

Insurance Tech

Wealth Management


We seek to identify companies that are well positioned to benefit from the generational driven shift in consumer preferences as well as the ongoing digitization of goods and services. Our global brand and franchise lend us expertise in channel expansion, product evolution, and competitive dynamics.


Key Themes

New Forms of Leisure

Vertical Aggregators

Mission Driven Brands

Digitization of Consumer Services

Consumer Verticals



Consumer Products

Consumer Services

Consumer Software

Digital Services

Digital Media

e-Commerce Logistics

e-Commerce Platforms


There is significant opportunity in healthcare globally driven by disruptive technologies, changing demographics, a dynamic regulatory environment, and shifting consumer preferences. Our experience, longstanding relationships, and insights into technology and regulatory trends provide us the ability to source, underwrite, and manage investments in healthcare.


Key Themes

Consumerization of Healthcare

Tech Enabled Delivery Methods

Data Driven Outcomes

Bridging Therapeutic Gaps Globally

Healthcare Verticals



Healthcare IT

Healthcare Services

Medical Products and Devices

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Veterinary Services

Our Portfolio


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